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Where Will You be When The Season 8 Landed?

One of many things that broke my heart this week is the fact that Game of Thrones season 7 has ended. It was an intense experience going through the whole season. As far as I can say, it was so satisfying to see the night king riding the dragon for the first time, or seeing the wall teared apart by the dragon breath. It fed my lust of seeing epic battle in a fantasy world since the last time I watched The Lord of The Ring trilogy. But then here I am, feeling excited for the next season, but crap! Nothing broke my heart harder than knowing that the next season is going to take other 2 years to launch.

So, where will you be in the next 2 years?

Good question, but I can't answer it in certainty. This season I watched the finale episode with my friends on our office, but who knows where am I in the next 2 years? Doesn't matter, lets imagine it anyway.

I probably will not watch it in Jogja

Something big is happening in the story of my life this month. I call it the self revolution. The thing is, it infected many aspects of my life, including how I am seeing myself in the future. Well, the idea is simple, I need to step away from my comfort zone and the thought consumed me a lot, like every second. It even affected my relationship (I'll write about this in the next post). So, if the idea keep spreading in my mind, in the near future you will see me as different person. I already think about working abroad. All the thoughts sound cool except the fact that it so hard for me to leave Jogja. But it's a time bomb anyway because since the first day of my adulthood, I already know that there are some higher agendas that I need to achieve sooner or later. I will never know when the time is, but I am sure the place is not Jogja.

Probably it will be somewhere in Europe

There is something fascinating that I cannot explain when thinking about living in Europe. The same feeling I got when I am thinking about Jogja back then before working here. I feel the urge telling me that once in my life I need to experience living in Europe, and I mean it. Recently I am doing small research comparing some benefits of living in Europe countries and guess what, I already fall in love with Switzerland and England. Can you imagine the joy of watching Game of Throne in fresh atmosphere of Switzerland, with mountains in the background?

Maybe I'll give up and end up go back to my hometown

To be honest lately I'm missing home. Sometimes when the thought came, I feel like I want to let everythings go, and go back to the beginning. But with the current state of my mind, it's unlikely to happen. I started watching Game of Throne in my hometown. I do still remember the feeling when watching a series that I underestimate before, but then it turned out to be one of my favorite series.

Well, the point is, it doesn't matter whereever I watch season 8 in the next two year. But I really hope I can share the feeling with friends or with my closest one who share the same enthusiast of the series. So, where do you think you will be when the season 8 landed in the next two year?