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Sept 0410 min read

Weekly Update #1: Holiday Trip to Solo

Two days well spent last weekend in Solo with my friends. To be honest, God knows I was fucked up and really need to stay the fuck out of any stressful things, and perfect choice has been made that day, holiday trip to Solo it was. Forgive me for my bad English on this post. It's been a rough day in the office today and I feel like shit and really tired as hell when my finger typing this post. I can't even think about good English anymore. I just want to share my story about my last holiday trip and I want you to know that I'm okay and obviously still alive. Holiday always bring people back to life, doesn't it?

Credited this video to Arzy as the editor

It came out of nothing I guess, when out of sudden Faisal asked me to join the trip to Solo. It was an easy decision for me because, well, I have nothing to do on the weekend. Aside from the fact that I need to make amends for not coming on the last mountain climbing on Gunung Prau. After a few days discussing the plan, we got 8 people joining the trip: Me, Faisal, Yanuar, Nasser, Ricko, and we got 3 new members of SoftwareSeni piknik: Arzy, Fidela and Vina. I barely knew the last two, because, well, they were relatively new employees at SoftwareSeni and I barely made contact to any girls on the office, so whether I don't know them or they don't know me, at all. Well, to be honest with you, during the trip I got a chance to know them, and all I could say is... they rock! like naturally awesome. Sometimes it's good and healthy to have female friends especially when they are awesome.

So it begins...

We spent the first day of the trip mostly on Tawangmangu, somewhere on Solo. There is a waterfall there, they call it Grojogan Sewu, and it's.. well, not disappointing. I've seen many taller waterfalls before in my hometown, so yup, nothing's suprising. But, if you look closely on the video trip above, there were many monkeys there and I always amaze by that. I adore monkeys, I do. Our closest relative, right? I probably want to pet one after I'm able to pet a dog in the future. Monkey and dog, tell me any better combination?

Day 2 were spent for culinary and bowling time. Fidela introduced us to this sport and I got to say I fall in love with this one. You have to see the annoying face Ricko made when he knocked down all the pins, and make sure you have something to punch when seeing it. Just like the good old times, as a natural winner, at my first day learning how to play bowling, I already scored highest point. Something to proud on my miserable life.

We arrived in Jogja at night that day, felt really tired, but most importantly it paid off. It was a really great weekend and I hope I got many other chances to do that again with my friends.