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Sept 095 min read

Weekly Update #2: I am Hitting The Gym

Just a quick update for this week. Finally I am hitting the gym! For fuck sake, I'm hitting the gym, mom! This could be one of my greatest life achievement so far. Well, actually it has been started since 2 weeks ago. Believe me the story began with just a simple thing, it was just a casual talk with my boss about my dream to get in shape. But then it turned out that he got interested to do the same things, even though in fact he's already in good shape, I don't know.

A prove. Never trust my word except if I give you a prove.

I always wanted to have a good and healthy body. It's one of my 2 resolutions this year (the other one is to have car driving license). But the problem with that is that I don't know how to start, and my self esteem always telling me that I don't really need that, but fuck it and fuck everything, I don't want to die young, so I need to stay healthy.

Good God, out of nowhere my boss came like a savior. He even voluntarily train me and show me how to do that. So yeah, it's been 2 weeks and counting. I expect on the end of the year, I will see some improvement on my body.

So beware bitches, be nice to me, I may be hot one day. And when the time has come, I may turned gay.