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Sept 1110 min read

Man Upon The Hill

Hey man upon the hill, up hereā€¦
I used to write you
You loved the way I watch the sun
Through my finger

Excuse me, I should warn you, this post is not about a song review. This is just my humble philosophical thoughts about what I feel when listening to this song. I literally shed a tear on the moment I listen to this song for the first time. It speaks my mind perfectly, about my wistful longing for the naked nature, about how I miss laying on the ground staring to the stars at night. The way they represent nature is what exactly how I represent it in my mind, as the man upon the hill, a friendly friend who hug me warm everytime I come.

I think we've gone so far, until the point that we lost the connection with the nature which used to be so close. I spend almost my entire life just to think about myself, how I stand on Earth, working my ass off without even realizing that something has been stood there waiting for me to come. I used to play with the nature, I will always loved to. Now the adulthood comes, and responsibility punches right at my face, slowly keep me away from the nature that I used to know.

We camped at Pantai Siung on January, it's been 7 months ago. It was the last time I feel so intimate with the nature. Night was so quiet, while stars started to dancing on the sky. The sound of the wave on the beach was so hypnotizing. I didn't want to close my eyes even for a second. It was the moment when the nature tell me his story, a fascinating one, and I am listening in peace.

What make us human? I'm pretty sure it's not about the wealth, or fancy clothes we use everyday. Human is just a dot, the small one on the universe. Sometimes we forgot to respect the higher being, we feel so superior for thinking we own the Earth even though we know we don't. Coming back to the nature always helping me remember it. I look at the sky and imagine myself among the stars, oh God I am just nothing on the galaxy. I should feel ashamed for what I am proud of.